Train your vibration

All things that exist in this world have their own energy, their own special vibration. This vibration can be felt, but the best way we can write them down in the form of numbers. Numbers can in this way give us information about energies of people, places, moments... And with the help of this information we can see where people have a lack of balance, activate their potentials to the fullest and live their lives in the best possible way.


With Knowledge comes Understanding, with understanding comes Knowingness, with knowingness comes FREEDOM.

Events are going to connect you on the more personal level.

It is where we approach you on a certain location.

With this you will experience us closer and get the connection in the most
profound way."


Events & dates will be announced soon.


Since we have been training energy together with Team Train Your Vibration our relationship has gone to an entire different level. We are still learning how to properly communicate with each other in order to avoid any misunderstandings, but we have already noticed drastic changes in our personal behaviour and emotional responses we come across in our daily lives. We have learned how to support each other on a higher level, how to overcome difficult situations as a couple and how to exchange positive energy amongst ourselves and influence our son with purity and unconditional love only.

Anja & Brian V.

Anja & Brian V.

I met Team Train Your Vibration, 2 years ago. With his analyse with spiritual numerology he could point on my points, made me realize what are my negative programs, and he could also tell, how I can get out of those.

Talking with him, or listen to his sessions reminds me to stay focused, positive, happy, relaxed and he always reminds me, everything will be resolved and I am taken care of.

So, what is the result? Just EVERYTHING in my life has changed since I know him. I could get out from my old, not healthy relationship, and after a 9 months of training I met my spouse, who is really, who exactly is I was wishing for. I am much more authentic myself, I don’t care anymore so much what others will think of me. I am more relaxed, and free.

Eniko F.

Eniko F.

Team Train Your Vibration has been my coach for just over 3 years now and I must say that working with him has changed my life to the positive. I have been playing college tennis and the pressure was enormous, with his help I learned to love the game again as well as to love myself. Through coaching he has helped me to become a young, successful, positive young woman/entrepreneur who is always looking to improve the life of others and my own to the better. Working on myself and recognizing one’s weaknesses is probably one of the hardest tasks in someone’s life. However knowing to have the support of a coach who guides you through the hard times and listens to you whenever you need an ear to cry on is irreplaceable.

Janine K.

Janine K.

Coaching with Team Train Your Vibration offered me the possibility to
discover my own abilities and power by changing the mindset.
Learning about the own and other’s people programs by spiritual numerology
to gain more understanding of oneself and others, in order to change easily
weakness to strength.
It implies also meditation and the experience of praying by training and
repeating humbleness, gratefulness and unconditional happiness.
Thank you so much.

Nora L.

Nora L.

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