Spiritual numerology


Numbers’ essentials and instructions on how to use and decode numbers to understand yourself, your character, behavior, thought patterns, relationship emotions and other people as well.

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The course Spiritual numerology covers the basics of all numbers. Every number and its combination is explained into details. You get the knowledge and the how to use it with others. You become the Spiritual Numerologist.

All things that exist in this world have their own energy, their own special vibration that they emit. This vibration can be felt, but the best way we can write them down in the form of numbers. Numbers can give us information in this way about energies of people, places, moments… In addition, with the help of this information we can see where people have a lack of balance. Where is their energetic imbalance causing them problems, due to which they cannot use their potential to the fullest and cannot live their lives the way they would want it to. But with this approach we are able to recognize these blockages and activate your potential to the full.

Each number is connected with its organ. With this we get extra information about which organs are weaker, stronger and what kind of energy they have. The most important 5 organs that influence our energetic condition are: heart, lungs, livers, spleen and kidneys. And every organ has its own characteristic, element, programming, messages and all is connected.

Our health, how are our emotions and spirit, depend on energy level of these 5 organs. If we know how to balance our emotions, our spirit and our life position, then it goes the other way around – our organs energetically change according to our reactions. The more we know how to react correctly with life energy laws, the higher our spirit grows and the better is our life position. We strengthen our organs and energetically regenerate them. With this, we push the negativity out of our organs and we make space for fresh, clean energy to make our bodies stronger. 

This is the basic difference between people. Results we are having in our lives are a consequence of energy we have – in our organs – and let go through our bodies. So it depends on us, what kind is this energy and it depends on us what are our results.

In this course we go through every number and combinations. Number 1 for example is representing the organ heart. Passion, leadership, guidance are some of the positive attributes. Being stubborn, rigid, hard are some of the negative ones. As we move on number 10 follows and then 19 (1+9 is 10 is 1), we always make the one digit out of the two digits. The next number representing number 1 is 28. So this combination is already touching numbers 2 and 8. As we go along we practically explain every number and repeat it several times by the time we get to number 9 and its combinations.

So all in all by addressing to every number couple times over the course, by referring to every organ we reveal the hidden programs that lay inside. The course itself is cleansing all of the 5 organs over and over again. In this way you get certain reactions that are beneficial for you. Such as feeling lighter and empowered after you feel physical pain or some uncomfortableness. In order to get the results we need to go through certain tunnel where it’s squeezing us.

Join us on this ride through numbers that will enhance your abilities and lift your will to create in life.

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